Don’t read, it’s a commisions sorta thing eh

(Forgive me, I don’t have a reference for this character ;-;)

Alright, can I please have a marching band conductor? The sort with the large hats, marching sticks and a LOT of ribbons? I’d like the hat to be 1/2 his size with a white background and blue stripes (on the hat). His facial structure: I’d like his face to be full of joy and happiness, wide eyes and all. He has medium orange hair (bangs). His costume? It’ll be hard to explain, so I’ll show you a pic of what a normal conductor s uniform looks like:

So yeah, the button stitching thingies are blue, and the rest is all white ( The gloves are white) surprise me with the pants tho :3. His marching stick (baton) needs to be a hawkish blue, with a spiral design at tip, the spiral is gold.

If this was too complex or not complex enough, please tell me.

Thanks :D